Benefits of Using a Children's Chiropractor for SPD


Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD, is becoming an increasing issue in children around the world. This issue is marked by hypersensitivity to sounds, lights, discomfort to the skin, and overall issues in the environment around the child. There are several techniques that are beneficial for children who experience SPD that can help in both short and long-term ways. By taking your child to a children's chiropractor on a routine basis, you can receive benefits that will help reduce the issues associated with SPD.

9 June 2017

Ways Chiropractic Care Is Beneficial To Pregnant Women


The miracle of carrying a baby and bringing them into this world can also be quite a difficult time for the mother. Hormonal changes, weight gain and chronic fatigue can all have a toll on your overall health. If you would like to steer clear from self-medicating and would prefer a natural form of relief from this discomfort, then you should consider chiropractic care during pregnancy. This type of treatment not only reinvigorates your body but it also enhances the wholesome development of the foetus.

20 July 2016

Get Back: Top Tips to Alleviate Back Pain on a Road Trip


If you suffer from back pain, having to sit in a car while on a long cross country trip might be a challenge. Below are some things you can do to ease the pain and make your journey more comfortable. Empty Your Pockets Before you start the engine you should remove your phone, wallet and other items from your pockets. Sitting for long periods with bulky items in your pocket can cause your spine to become misaligned, which will increase the pressure on the muscles in your back.

9 May 2016

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Pinched Nerves


If you are experiencing a sharp sensation or numbness in your back, you might be struggling with a pinched nerve. This is the result of pressure on one of the nerves, which can lead to discomfort and pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling. Chiropractic care is often successful at treating a pinched nerve and back pain. Here is more information about this condition and how a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors Use Gentle Treatments

28 April 2016

How can Chiropractic Care be Beneficial During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is different for every woman. You are likely to feel excited about your impending motherhood, but at the same time you might experience some physical discomfort or even pain, and you might be apprehensive about labour. All of this is perfectly valid, but navigating your own health during this period can be very difficult, especially when you have to be very careful about the medications you take and the food and drink that you consume during this time.

25 April 2016

3 Natural Remedies for Your Child's Growing Pains


Has your child been complaining of pains in their legs. Most general practitioners usually chalk this pain up to a diagnosis of growing pains.So, what are growing pains? They are the pains that some children experience in the lower limbs. They are most common in children between 3 and 12 years of age and mostly occur in the evening and at night. With no definitive evidence to show that these pains relate to growth spurts, some doctors are hesitant to use the term growing pains.

13 April 2016

Good Concert Last Night? How To Deal With The Day After Neck Pain


It is no fun to go to a concert of your favourite band and sit as quiet as a church mouse while the stadium rocks on around you. You want to experience the full concert experience. However, the day after a great concert, the pain in your neck may make you regret it. Neck pain is no fun as you try to go about your daily tasks, but there are several fast ways you can make the pain go away without automatically reaching for the pain pills.

12 April 2016